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Is There a Link Between Creativity and Gambling?

In order to give an answer to this question, we need to analyze what creativity and gambling stand for and whether a link between them can be established. Creativity is defined as using your imagination and ideas to create something, and even though many people can be described as imaginative, being described as creative is something else. Gambling, as a popular way of entertainment, has been around for a very long time and there have been countless studies trying to determine whether some specific types of people are more prone to engaging in it, and whether promotions such as the Resorts Casino bonus code 2019 incentivize people to engage in such activities more. We’ll try to see if the creative ones are among them.


When you think of artists and visionaries and words to describe them, creativity is one word that pops straight into your mind. However, having a creative trait is not reserved only for them, and it goes without saying that almost anyone can be creative. It is just a matter of finding a way to express yourself and show it, connecting seemingly unconnectable things, turning ideas into reality. It requires knowledge and time, unconscious processing and epiphanies. Creativity is both a talent/natural skill and something that can be learned to an extent. But can this ‘thinking outside the box’ be applied to gambling?


There are many reasons why a person engages in gambling, and the most common types of gamblers are: professional gamblers who do it for the living, antisocial gamblers who want to obtain money illegally, casual social gamblers who do it for entertainment, serious social gamblers who spend a lot of time gambling, but it does not come first in their lives, escape gamblers for whom this is a way of coping with boredom, anxiety, depression, etc., and compulsive gamblers who put gambling first, and the rest of their lives falls in the second place.

What all gamblers have in common is that they seek the excitement and anticipation that gambling has to offer, and some scientists even believe some gamblers are genetically predisposed. There have also been some researches which showed that when they are winning, the gamblers’ reward system in the brain experiences lower electrical activity, which enables them to take higher risks and suppresses natural instincts. Many gamblers enjoy the repetitiveness of it all, and that cannot be any further from what creativity stands for.


Now we have a general idea about what creativity and gambling stand for, so let’s see if they can be linked. Being creative means coming up with new ideas and trying to make something out of them. And although there are probably gamblers who have a creative trait, there is no evidence to show that they gamble because they are creative, and one could argue quite the opposite.